Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What inspires you? I'm inspired by all kinds of stuff but seeing people do things that no one ever thought they could do has to be at the top of my list. As followers of Christ I think we often settle for second best in our lives. Sometimes our faith just isn't big enough or we simply don't want to take the risk involved with trying something new. Sometimes it's simply fear that keeps us locked up in a cage of unbelief. And other times we just don't want to put the effort into learning that new skill or improving the one we already use.

What inspires you to reach out? What inspires you to attempt the impossible? What inspired Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water? What inspired David to grab his sling and face off with a giant?

I dare to say each of us have a ton of untapped potential for Christ if we would simply try. Is failure a possibility? Sure. But so is success!

A friend of mine emailed the following video to me this morning. I never knew anyone could do such amazing things on a bicycle! I hope it inspires you to attempt something new today for Christ!

Turkey Hunting

Monday, April 20, 2009

I left the house this morning with no intention on going turkey hunting. But then while driving the girls to school - I saw them. I sent a text to my friend Tommy for some help in calling - stopped by Wal-Mart for my tag - then went home to dig out my gun. Two hours later I was holding this amazing bird. Thank you Tommy for doing the calling!

Turkey hunting is one of my favorite sports and I feel extremely blessed to have been able to see, hear, and kill one of these elusive birds. Now, I look forward to cooking some turkey up for supper tonight!

Just how far?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've not blogged in while mainly because I have just been in a difficult place lately and don't know how to express myself. A couple of months ago I challenged our church to join me on a 40 Day Fast leading up to Easter. For me personally, I started with a three day total fast and then moved into a Daniel Fast. It has been an amazing journey! Fasting seems to allow me to focus so much more and listen to my Father more than usual. Then, we entered into the final week of our fast - and all HELL broke loose. Seriously, this has been a really tough week. I'm thankful that God has brought me through it and that He has provided some amazing friends to stand along side of me. I know Satan is not happy with our church and our stance for preaching His word and asking people to truly live it out. A lot of people aren't happy either. I have found that people will either be open to God stretching them in new ways or they will not be open to it at all. And, when they aren't open to it they can be pretty cruel. Unfortunately, it's in our human nature to travel the easy road - to want to simply cruise along and enjoy life. Not that God has called us to a life of pain or suffering but come on where's our sacrifice? Where is our willingness to truly follow Him no matter what.

We are called to love God, love other believers, and love the lost. That's it, plain and simple. For me, that is now how I determine if someone is a "spiritual" person or a true follower of Christ. As I have found out this week - loving others is not always easy - and yet it is what we are called to do. And it all begins with us realizing how much Jesus loves us.

Maybe this video will help. Focus on Christ and all He has done for you before you attend church on Easter Sunday.