Why I hate Religion, But love Jesus

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I friend of mine posted this video on her facebook page and I simply had to share it!

New Years Resolutions

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I’ve been thinking some over the past several weeks about my New Years Resolutions but simply haven’t put anything down on paper. Then, on my drive in to work today, I heard Wally talking about resolutions on WayFM and how a lot of people just don’t like making them because they never stick to them.

I have always tried to take the time to sit down and write out some things that I would like to change or improve in the New Year. I think its important to set goals and to strive to better ourselves and the New Year seems to give us a perfect starting point.

This morning while working on my list I came across a great blog post by Pete Wilson about his resolutions. I love his and will use some of them myself! Especially this; "I want to live in 2012 with the awareness of LIFE GOES BY FAST and MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED." -Pete Wilson

How about you? What are some of your New Year Resolutions?