How will you spend retirement?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A friend of mine posted the video below by John Piper in which Piper questions investing for retirement. Its a powerful video and forces an individual to ask some very difficult questions about planning for the future.

As I watched the video, I remembered hearing Francis Chan discuss this very topic. He also made some bold statements about not putting his money into retirement because the needs around the world were too great now. Thus, he had made the decision to give to help those in need and trust God for his future later in life. I truly admire Francis - mainly because he stretches me by the way he lives out his belief in God's Word. We need more pastors like him.

I also thought of one extraordinary man that I had the privilege to know and call my friend. His name was Bob and he was a retired, passionate, follower of Jesus. He was also a pastors best friend. Bob simply "got it." I remember him making statements like, "I simply can't retire until I walk through those pearly gates - too many people still need to know about Jesus." Bob was in his 70's and he faithfully served God and the church with everything he had. I was and am still amazed at how he lived his life for Jesus.

I hope this video and blog makes you ask the tough questions about how you currently invest your time, treasure, and talents. I know for me, I want to be like Bob.

Costa Rica Day 5

Friday, February 1, 2013