Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's a great opportunity to step up and make a huge impact for Christ! Check out this link and get involved.

Sunday Thoughts

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

• This was an incredibly busy week with “Choices” getting started into full swing. “Choices” is a drug and violence reduction program for 4th and 5th graders that I was asked to teach in the public schools.
• I love teaching in the classroom – especially to students who want to learn and listen. This is a breath of fresh air for me. Pastoring a church is so much different – especially when you have adults who don’t listen, fall asleep, don’t care to be there, never change, don’t get your vision, tell you they love you then leave your church when they don’t agree with you, etc. I shouldn’t get started. But at least with 4th and 5th graders – they seem to appreciate the fact that I’m there and they show signs of life while I teach! Of course most of them don’t have a choice on being there – but they do seem to enjoy it – and they even ask me to come back – maybe it’s just the honeymoon stage?:)
• Our attendance is holding steady – we have had new families visit over the past month – but continue to only see about 20 percent return for a second visit. Not great statistics!
• “Practical Atheist” part 3 was today – and I’m loving this study. Part 3 was all about money – the number one competitor for our hearts. Money is huge for the American Christian and the truth is most don’t acknowledge it. As a result, less than 9 percent of churchgoers tithe which leaves the church to fulfill the Lord’s mandate on about one fifth of it’s potential – and that is sad. That’s a lot of ministry left undone – a lot of people not being reached or impacted for Christ.
• I’m thrilled with the two staff members God is allowing me to work with. They aren’t just staff members – they are friends that I love and trust. They get the vision and continue to fight the battle in spite of difficulties.
• Our small group time continues to be one of the highlights of my week. I’m so convinced that small groups – especially “sermon based” small groups work in creating healthy community. The challenge is getting everyone else to see and try it.
• Yesterday, a couple of our good friends left on a cruise vacation for the week – and they asked us to watch their 1 year son – who is about the most adorable little guy you have ever seen! I’m honored this family asked us to watch their son – I’m thrilled to get to spend some time with a “son” in the house – nothing against my girls – it’s just different having a little guy around – and it’s growing on me! More on this later and pictures to come.
• I am looking forward to some possible snow days. I know that may sound bad but we have been running like crazy and busting our tails with work stuff and a day or two of rest would be a blessing. I just hope it doesn’t come in the form of another major ice storm!
• God continues to stretch me each and every day – I’m praying for Him to ruin me – He’s answering.

This moved me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This video is well worth the short amount of time it takes to view. It's powerful.

Thank you Pastor Rick Warren

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slowly but surely I'm learning a very hard lesson in life - that is this; you can't control what others think or say about you. You can't. So, I'm learning the value of trusting God - following His word - and caring first about what my Savior thinks about me and my life rather than what people think.

Today, Pastor Rick Warren showed his true colors and lived out a wonderful example of Christ before the entire world. It really ticks me off when other pastors and believers criticize Rick and his ministry especially when they don't know him or haven't even read his books. I personally have read his books, listened to his sermons, attended his training conference, listened to his pod casts, and attended his church. From my vantage point, all I have seen is a man passionate about following Christ and leading others to do the same. You may not like his methods but the man is spot on and rock solid. I am thankful to have learned from him and pray that God will give me the strength and commitment to follow Christ as well as Rick Warren.

With all that being said, pastor Mark Driscoll wrote the following post that describes his personal feelings about Rick and contains a manuscript of his prayer from today's Presidential Inauguration - it's well worth the read. Here's the link:

This is the video of the actual prayer via YouTube.


I've been silent for a while - God is stretching me in huge ways right now - it's hard to even write this morning. I'm taking our church through a sermon series called "Practical Atheist." Craig Groeschel, the pastor of Lifechurch is an incredible leader that God is using big time right now - especially in my life. One of the prayers that Craig started praying was for God to "ruin" him. I've started to pray that same prayer and I've challenged our church to pray it as well - that God would ruin us as we are and make us more and more like Him.

This morning I got up and hit the treadmill and listened to worship music on the ipod - this song "You are Good" by Gateway Worship featuring Kari Jobe rocked me to my core. I needed this today - okay, I need it every day. Here is a video of the Kari leading others in worship to the same song. May God ruin you today!

Passion for Football, Passion for Christ, & a College Playoff System

Friday, January 9, 2009

My hat goes off to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. Rarely do you see athletes play with such focus and passion as Tebow - and even though I'm a huge Sooner fan it was fun to watch Tim lead his team and play the game. I wonder what would happen if we all followed Christ with the same intensity?

What kind of intensity is that? Well, look and learn from Tim - at least up and to this point in his life - the guy is living the walk. He openly follows Jesus and doesn't care who knows. He is focused on the prize - determined to stay on course - and he is leading others to do the same. What would happen if we all lived that way? The world would be a better place and more lives would be changed for Jesus Christ!

Needless to say, the game last night simply confirmed to me that there should be a National College Football Playoff System. Forget all the stupid bowl games - throw these teams together in a playoff system like the pros use and let the best team win. There are no superior conferences or schedules - just teams who either bring it on game day or leave it in the locker room.

How's your game face?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm incredibly excited about the big game tonight!  Even practiced my game face for all you Florida fans.  Just for the record - it should be a good game - I like Tebow - I like the state of Florida - I love Disney World - I like fried gator tail - I like oranges - I like sand - I like palm trees - but I don't like the University of Florida.   Five short years in Norman, Oklahoma transformed my blood to Sooner red!

Prosperity Gospel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm at home today not feeling well.  Throat and head are nasty.  So, I'm spending some of my time reading blogs, checking email, twittering, and studying.

My friend Sean Warren sent me the following video featuring the words of John Piper.  It's powerful.  I'm a fan of Piper, his books, his ministry, and his passion for Jesus!

Happy New Year

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've been away from the internet for almost a week with the exception of my iphone.  We traveled to Florida to visit Julie's parents at their winter home and to take the kids to Disney World.  Her brother and his family also joined us - it was a blast!  More on that later.

We are still on the way home and so I am doing a quick post from the hotel lobby in Memphis.  I wanted to share a couple of cool links as we enter into a new year.

Here is a great link to help you read through the bible this year.  If you have never done this - you should.  Check this out:

Also, about six years ago I purchased a super cool bible study software for my pc - logos bible software.  It's the best I have ever seen.  However, they didn't have the software for the mac.  That has changed!  I haven't been able to purchase the new mac version but hope to win it through this special promotion.  Check it out:  

A free Kutless MP3 is being given away at Bible Study Magazine. They are also having a contest to win cool Kutless gear and Logos Bible Software. Go check it out!