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Passion for Football, Passion for Christ, & a College Playoff System

Friday, January 9, 2009

My hat goes off to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. Rarely do you see athletes play with such focus and passion as Tebow - and even though I'm a huge Sooner fan it was fun to watch Tim lead his team and play the game. I wonder what would happen if we all followed Christ with the same intensity?

What kind of intensity is that? Well, look and learn from Tim - at least up and to this point in his life - the guy is living the walk. He openly follows Jesus and doesn't care who knows. He is focused on the prize - determined to stay on course - and he is leading others to do the same. What would happen if we all lived that way? The world would be a better place and more lives would be changed for Jesus Christ!

Needless to say, the game last night simply confirmed to me that there should be a National College Football Playoff System. Forget all the stupid bowl games - throw these teams together in a playoff system like the pros use and let the best team win. There are no superior conferences or schedules - just teams who either bring it on game day or leave it in the locker room.