DC visit

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few days ago I had the privilege of walking through Washington, DC with the Go10Walk. This was my second trip to DC - a truly amazing city.

During this visit our route purposely took us past the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the War War II Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. While at the War War II Memorial I recorded some of my thoughts - met some WWII veterans - and reflected on the freedom I enjoy as an American. It was an emotional & powerful moment in my life.

This weekend, we remember those who have given so much for the service of our country and the freedom we enjoy as Americans. To those who have served and are currently serving - I say, “thank you!”

Only a Penny

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend in NYC!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On May 16th Julie and I were privileged to join the Go10walk for Day 31 and the walking segment into New York City. It was an amazing day - emotional, historical, powerful, and a day to remember.

We were also blessed to stay a couple of extra days in New York to take in the sights. It was a blast! Some of our highlights include;

*Walking into NYC with Go10
*Go10 Celebration at Pier 58
*Spending time with Mrs. Miley
*An amazing meal and celebration at the Hepzibah House
*Staying at the Hepzibah House
*Worship at The Journey Church
*Attending a production of The Screw Tape Letters
*Seeing our adoption friend Gerard Wierzbicki and the tour of his office at Fox News
*China Town
*Riding in a Taxi
*Riding the Subway
*Times Square
*Eating at Hello Deli
*Getting free tickets to the Letterman Show - and sitting on the front row!
*Supper with Micah & Becky Derby along with Bill & Francis Ezel in Little Italy

Here’s some of the video of our time in the big apple.

The Giant Spider

Friday, May 21, 2010

This past Wednesday night I was sitting in my easy chair watching the news on TV when my phone rang - it was my oldest daughter and she was a bit hysterical. She quickly explained that she was standing outside the front of our house but couldn't get in because of "the biggest spider she had ever seen!"

So, being the kind, compassionate, and caring father that I am - I grabbed my flip camera and caught it all on tape. Enjoy!

For all you Mini Van Drivers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 20 mile day in Philly

Friday, May 14, 2010

On May 11th, I turned 42 years old. The older I get - the older "old" gets. So, I decided I would set my goals high and spend a day this week walking a full 30 mile day with the Go10Walk. Well, on May 12th, I walked 20 miles through Philadelphia, PA. It was an amazing journey and yes at the end it was painful. I must now confess that a 30 mile day is NOT in my weekly plans. But, give me a couple more weeks of training and I will make it happen!

The video below is just some of the footage shot while I walked with my friend Don Price.

Nashville Flood of 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I arrived in Nashville early in the afternoon, went home and immediately changed clothes and headed to our church (The Donelson Fellowship). At the church I was amazed at the damage to the facility - it’s estimated that around $200,000 worth of damage was done to the basement level of the church after flood waters poured into the lower level on Sunday.

But, I didn’t just see damage - I witnessed one of the most powerful things on the planet - the church truly being the hands and feet of Christ! The Worship area was set up to serve meals to volunteers and flood victims. Some 20 families from the church were directly effected by the flood waters. The chapel was set up as a make shift store full of volunteers, clothes, food, bottled water, and household items - all free to those in need.

I left my wife Julie and our 4 year old Klaire at the church to help while Kassidy and I made our way down to the Pennington Bend area. Our first stop was on Miami Avenue, a street in which several of our friends live and a street that was 4 to 5 feet under water during the flood. Miami Avenue actually runs parallel to what is now referred to as “the Mighty Cumberland River.” One picture shows the items I helped pull out of a home. The second is a picture of a water soaked book - I just happened to know the author of that book so it caught my attention.

For me to try to describe the devastation would be like trying to describe the Grand Canyon - it’s just not the same unless you are actually standing there. I was astonished, deeply saddened, and wonderfully encouraged. In the midst of all the destruction, I saw hope in people’s eyes and I witnessed the body of Christ coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I’ve never been prouder to call a city my home as I have this past week. The body of Christ is making a difference - people and churches are actually being the hands and feet of Christ. By the Grace and Mercy of God, incredible things are springing forth out of the destruction.

Lessons I've learned...

It's Saturday, May 8th and I am heading home for a 4 day break from the Go10walk campaign. We planned in several breaks throughout this four month journey and this is the first of them - built around Mothers Day.

This campaign is going amazingly well - better than I hoped it would be going at this point. We have never done anything like this before so, we just weren't sure what to expect. Here are some of the things I have learned over the past 27 walking days;

1.) This is much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Seriously difficult! Please don't get me wrong on this but the enormity of this campaign continues to stretch us in new ways almost daily. Yes, we knew it was going to be a challenge but I don't think it could really set in until we actually get on the road and in the midst of the campaign itself. It's long days, challenging logistically, dependent upon new volunteers each day, exposed to the elements of weather/terrain and in the end will prove to be completed only through the mercies of our mighty Lord, Jesus Christ! And, to Him be all the glory for what is achieved.

2.) The impact on those who walk. I just didn’t see this coming. But, the majority of the people who participate in Go10 are impacted in a significant way - many of them are moved to tears. For some, it’s the physical difficulty of walking 10 miles - for some it’s the connection they make with missionaries serving on the field - for some it’s simply the three plus hours listening to Gods voice - for most, it’s the fact that they are getting to be a part of something much larger than themselves. Numerous people have returned to walk an additional ten mile segment - some have even walked three or four segments. We never anticipated that taking place!

3.) The importance of a team. Something this big could never be achieved without a great team. I’ve already written about the International Missions team that we are blessed to work with but there are two other groups of people I want to point out.

a.) First, our families. When I say “our” I’m referring to myself, Bill Ezel, and Jim Daniels - or the three guys out on the road every day. As for our families - we couldn’t be out here for this extended period of time without our families support at home. Jim and Bill’s wife’s have and are giving up a lot to allow their husbands to be out here with Go10. And, my wife, Julie is a super-hereo in my book! She’s at home with three kids and working a full time job. I’m a blessed man to have such an amazing wife and three daughters. I’m proud of them and thankful for all they are doing for the Go10 campaign.

b.) Secondly, Jim & Bill. I’m not sure I can say enough about how amazed I am by these two men. My commitment to this campaign is different - I get paid to work with this project - these guys are extreme volunteers! Both Jim & Bill are retired and both bring completely different skills to our Go10 team. Without them - I just don’t see how any of this would be possible. My love and respect for these guys grows daily. I’m honored to have this opportunity to work along side them and to learn from them. Their wisdom, love for their families, and willingness to serve Christ is extreme. And, I believe God has brought our families together for such a time as this.

Well, I’m looking for these days off - time at home - with my family - but I have to admit that I’m also anxious to see what God has for us on days 28-82 - one thing for sure - it’s going to be an amazing summer! If you have not had a chance to be a part of Go10 - please visit our website and join us - I look forward to walking with you!

Go10 Makes the local news!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, we finally made the local news! We have walked over 670 miles for the Great Commission - across 5 states - in 24 days - and we are still going. Thank you for the spot WBOC News 16!!!

Come join us as we continue on to complete 2,500 miles and raise over $1,000,000 for missions.

Go10 Day 20

Saturday, May 1, 2010