Weekend in NYC!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On May 16th Julie and I were privileged to join the Go10walk for Day 31 and the walking segment into New York City. It was an amazing day - emotional, historical, powerful, and a day to remember.

We were also blessed to stay a couple of extra days in New York to take in the sights. It was a blast! Some of our highlights include;

*Walking into NYC with Go10
*Go10 Celebration at Pier 58
*Spending time with Mrs. Miley
*An amazing meal and celebration at the Hepzibah House
*Staying at the Hepzibah House
*Worship at The Journey Church
*Attending a production of The Screw Tape Letters
*Seeing our adoption friend Gerard Wierzbicki and the tour of his office at Fox News
*China Town
*Riding in a Taxi
*Riding the Subway
*Times Square
*Eating at Hello Deli
*Getting free tickets to the Letterman Show - and sitting on the front row!
*Supper with Micah & Becky Derby along with Bill & Francis Ezel in Little Italy

Here’s some of the video of our time in the big apple.