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Make a difference now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Due to the recent tragedy in Haiti and modern technology the orphan crisis in that country has become a hot topic in many households. Thousands of people are contacting adoption agency’s willing to open their homes to Haitian orphans. In the midst of such a catastrophic event, we can find a glimmer of hope for these special children. And yet, we must be honest and understand that the thousands of new earthquake orphans may not be available for adoption for some time. You can read more about that in this recent article;

The point I want to make here is this – maybe God is using this devastating event in Haiti to open your eyes and heart to the need of orphans in our own country and around the world. You see, even though the orphans in Haiti may not be available for some time – there are orphans all around the world that are available NOW. And, they need us to care for them as well.

So, if your heart is open to orphans, I would like to suggest some things you can do today.

1. Pray for God to use you to help an orphan or several in our world.
2. Prayerfully consider opening your heart to one or more orphans.
3. Adopt. There are a lot of great adoption agencies in the US - here is a link to the one we used to adopt Klaire
4. Support a family who is adopting through prayer and financial assistance. Julie and I adopted from China in 2007 – we would have never made it without the support of our friends and family.
5. Support an orphanage in your community or somewhere in the world – maybe even in Haiti.
6. Start an adoption ministry in your church.

99 Balloons

Friday, January 22, 2010

This video truly speaks for itself.

99 Balloons from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

Adopt in Haiti Update

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I just received the following email from Brian Luwis, the founder & CEO of America World Adoption Association. We adopted Klaire through this amazing organization and trust them completely. If you are open to the possibility of adopting a child from Haiti in the future please read below and respond by sending an email to the link mentioned.

Dear Joe & Julie

I am writing to update those who are interested in Haitian adoption. I participated in a conference today involving USCIS, US Dept. of State and the Dept. of Health and Human Services. At this time, the only children being processed for visas are those children who either had their adoption finalized within Haiti prior to the January 12th earthquake or those children who’ve already been accepted as a referral by families working with an adoption service provider. New adoption cases aren’t currently being processed.

There is consideration of a policy to allow children in desperate circumstances to enter to the United States on a special humanitarian visa – but there are not yet details regarding which children might qualify and what their status would be regarding adoption.

There is still much chaos and confusion in Haiti and many families are still trying to locate their loved ones. We were encouraged to know that the US government is very serious about not placing children who could still have a family or would not be appropriate for adoption. Our hearts and prayers are going out to the people of Haiti – especially the orphans in that country. When Haiti does have children available for adoption it is our agency’s intention to help find families for those orphans. If your family is interested in Haitian adoption, please email with the subject “Haiti adoption interest.” We’ll compile a list of names and email addresses and inform families when there is more information.

Thanks and God Bless,

Brian Luwis
Founder & CEO

6723 Whittier Avenue
McLean, VA 22101
Toll Free: 888-ONE-CHILD
Fax: (703) 356-8973

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Click here to learn more about AWAA’s An Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign. Subscribe to our Orphan’s Ticket Home Blog here .

Abandoned to His call

Are you abandoned to His call?

Webster defines “abandoned” as- being “wholly free from restraint.” Can you imagine living your Christian life without any restraint? Or maybe I should ask, “what is keeping you from living your life wholly for Christ?”

It’s time we all step up and take responsibility for our part in the Great Commission. It’s time we rise up and join together to truly make a difference. It’s time we come to the point that we are willing to do what ever it takes to love, share, give, and reach a lost world. Are you ready to do whatever it takes? Are you ready to “Go?” Are you…abandoned to His call?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just imagine what God could accomplish through a large number of people completely focused on following Christ and fulfilling His Great Commission. My hope and prayer is that Go10 will unify those who participate - as we all focus on God's Word through a unique 40 Day Devotional - pray - share- give- serve and walk together on a historic 2,500 mile walk across 13 states. Learn more & join us by visiting our website;

Praying for Haiti

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know many of you can relate when I say that my heart is breaking for the people of Haiti following one of the worst earthquakes in history. Not only does my heart break - but I so desperately want to do more!

As I think through all these feelings of helplessness there are a few things that we can do to help.

1.) Pray. Pray for the people of Haiti – for the pastors and missionaries who already live in that country – pray for those providing relief efforts.

2.) Give. Find a place to give $5 or more. I know there are some wonderful organizations in which we can trust to use our money very wisely – organizations like World Vision, Samaritans Purse, Compassion, and even the Red Cross.

3.) Serve. All though it is true that all of us can’t jump on a plane and travel to Haiti this week to help – we can find a place to help here at home. Find a place to donate some time and give back to your community. You might even find a way to help volunteer for on organization sending relief to Haiti.

By praying, giving, and serving we can make a huge impact on the world around us! Don’t let this tragedy pass without allowing God the opportunity to use you to impact others for Him.

Make a difference!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I was reading this morning from Matthew chapter 7 and verses 15 through 20 seemed to jump out at me.

15 “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. 16 You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. 18 A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. 19 So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. 20 Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.

According to this passage you and I can identify others by their actions and we can also be identified by our own actions. Honestly, it flat out convicted me. I would like to say that I always “act” or live in a way that brings honor and glory to Christ. But, I know that’s not always the case.

I’m not sure about you but I want to be one of those people who are remembered for living out their faith – for being like Christ. I have a long way to go and my prayer today has been that God will show me the areas in my life that I need to change – those areas in which my own stubborn, stupid self shows through.

I also came across the YouTube video below, which shows Josh Wilson making the best of a bad situation. Josh was on his way to India for a missions trip and was stuck at the airport waiting along with a lot of other people. So, he showed what he was made – or you might say, “showed his true fruit.”

May God help us all to realize the importance of living out our faith – not to judge others for their actions – but to follow so closely to God that our actions produce the kind of fruit that makes the name of Jesus famous.