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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Due to the recent tragedy in Haiti and modern technology the orphan crisis in that country has become a hot topic in many households. Thousands of people are contacting adoption agency’s willing to open their homes to Haitian orphans. In the midst of such a catastrophic event, we can find a glimmer of hope for these special children. And yet, we must be honest and understand that the thousands of new earthquake orphans may not be available for adoption for some time. You can read more about that in this recent article;

The point I want to make here is this – maybe God is using this devastating event in Haiti to open your eyes and heart to the need of orphans in our own country and around the world. You see, even though the orphans in Haiti may not be available for some time – there are orphans all around the world that are available NOW. And, they need us to care for them as well.

So, if your heart is open to orphans, I would like to suggest some things you can do today.

1. Pray for God to use you to help an orphan or several in our world.
2. Prayerfully consider opening your heart to one or more orphans.
3. Adopt. There are a lot of great adoption agencies in the US - here is a link to the one we used to adopt Klaire
4. Support a family who is adopting through prayer and financial assistance. Julie and I adopted from China in 2007 – we would have never made it without the support of our friends and family.
5. Support an orphanage in your community or somewhere in the world – maybe even in Haiti.
6. Start an adoption ministry in your church.


Liz Spencer said...

Thanks Joe. God has so burdened my heart. I long to bring home that child waiting for a mommy some day. Thanks for showing what I can help until then.