Learning To Let Go

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today blind-sided me! I knew it was coming but just never put any thought into it. This is the day in which I took my first-born daughter (Karlee) to get her drivers license!

There I was, walking up to the Tennessee Drivers License Facility with my little girl and the entire time it was like I had this movie playing flashback videos of her life over in my head. I remembered that amazing day in July when she entered the world there in the delivery room at the Hospital in Albany, GA. I could see the people standing at the altar of the Albany First Free Will Baptist Church as we stood there and dedicated this little baby to God. Flash backs of her first birthday cake, first bike ride, first day of school, first scrape on the knee, first everything.

I wondered what my parents thought the day I got my license and the first day I drove off without them in the car? I wondered how time flew by so quickly that I was now living out this crazy moment? I wondered if she was scared without me? I felt helpless. She was on her own.

I’m learning it’s easy for us as parents to say that our children are God’s – “I’ve just given them to the Lord” – but it’s an entirely different thing to live that statement out. God is stretching me. I’m learning new ways to trust in Him every day. Being a parent is one of the most amazing things in life– it’s a gift – and children truly are a blessing. Still, letting them go is so hard to do.

Thank you Karlee for being such a gift. For bringing us so much joy and love. You truly are a blessing and your love and faith in Christ is a beautiful thing! Now, please just be careful!!!

A Fathers Love

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here’s a great video and story about a dad named Steve Monforto. I caught Steve’s story the other night on ABC News and thought it was a great picture of a fathers love. To understand you have to see the video clip below. Notice how Steve reacts to his daughter’s decision – at first its disappointment – then a loving hug.

I believe God sees you and I in the same way – no matter what we do – He loves us – we are His children and He greatly desires a personal relationship with us. Certainly sin is wrong – God is a just God and sin will be punished and yet at the same time He is our loving creator God who welcomes us with loving arms.

In no way should this give us permission to do wrong or sin more – but when a person truly begins to understand who God is and how great God is and how loving God is – he/she should be compelled to simply live his/her life for Him.

Text while you drive? This changed my life.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I’m a good driver. I’ve only been involved in one small finder bender in 25 years of driving and have only had one ticket. I rarely if ever drive more than five miles over the speed limit.

And yet, I admittedly text, twitter, and check my email while driving – that is I used to. My brother-in-law sent me an email with a link to the following video. I watched it and it changed the way I drive.

The fact is, our choices impact not only our own lives but the lives of those around us. As much as I love to stay connected with the outside world, I have decided to refrain from doing stupid while driving. The world can wait for me to pull over or to get to my next destination.

Let me warn you – the video posted here is very graphic. However, it is worth the view and you can count on me showing it to my wife and older daughters (especially my 16 year old)!

Cardinal Ball Game

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last Thursday I had the chance to take my dad to a Cardinals game in St. Louis. We were actually on our way to Lebanon, Missouri to load up the bulk of our furniture for the move to Nashville and dad volunteered to help. This was our first time to be in the new stadium and we were not let down! It was amazing to say the least. The weather was fabulous – the seats were unbelievable – and time with dad was special. The older I get the more I appreciate these kinds of moments and the more I want to create them with my own children.

Also in the picture is Ernie and Ryan Lewis – another father-son team. Ernie pastors in Illinois and Ryan works in our national offices in Nashville.

As for the move – I couldn’t have made it without dad’s help! As for the picture – I realize I look like I’m on something but believe me I was only drinking Coke and no drugs were involved! I’ll blame it on the photographer!!!