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A Fathers Love

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here’s a great video and story about a dad named Steve Monforto. I caught Steve’s story the other night on ABC News and thought it was a great picture of a fathers love. To understand you have to see the video clip below. Notice how Steve reacts to his daughter’s decision – at first its disappointment – then a loving hug.

I believe God sees you and I in the same way – no matter what we do – He loves us – we are His children and He greatly desires a personal relationship with us. Certainly sin is wrong – God is a just God and sin will be punished and yet at the same time He is our loving creator God who welcomes us with loving arms.

In no way should this give us permission to do wrong or sin more – but when a person truly begins to understand who God is and how great God is and how loving God is – he/she should be compelled to simply live his/her life for Him.