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A Pastor's Wife

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My wife attended a special Beth Moore conference this weekend that was only for those married to church staff. She took our Associate Pastor’s wife, Emily, along with her. I’m really thankful that she had this opportunity and thankful that Beth did this for church staff wives. Being in the ministry is a huge calling not just for the husband but also the wife. It’s a blessing. And…it’s got to be one of the most difficult things to be on the planet!

A pastor’s wife lives in a glass house – a house that must always be spotless just in case someone drops by for a visit. Then, you have the monthly pastor’s reception and the monthly bible study, which also takes place in her home. In many cases she serves not only as the housewife but works another full time job to help with benefits or income that many churches can’t afford today. She can’t go anywhere that her clothes and hair are not judged or examined by the people in the community. And she better make sure the kids are well behaved!

The pastor’s wife is always on call ready for every phone call to the prayer chain. She is expected to lead the women’s auxiliary, the children’s choir, work in the nursery, teach a Sunday school class, sing on the praise team, attend every baby shower while bringing a fabulous gift, bake the best desserts, twitter, blog, create mind blowing websites, be the church secretary, and help her husband write good sermons. You would think every pastor’s wife should have to go through a “How to be Wonder Woman” class in college!

Well, this is one pastor who is so thankful for his “Wonder Woman!”

Here’s a video Julie told me about – they showed this at the conference. Yes, I have to admit that my wife has made it into a few of my sermon illustrations. Those were very tough Sunday afternoons!!! :)


Jeff Myers said...

That's dumb. If God didn't want us to use our wives as sermon illustration, he would have made us Catholic.

Greg(Froggy) Boudonck said...

I must admit I am rolling on the floor in laughter. Sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh, but it was funny.

cristie said...

HAHA ... that is hilarious! By the way, I love "Jeff's" comment. Of course, it makes me think of how my hubby and I were watching the news and they were talking about the nationwide "Support Group" for "Those molested by Priests". With such a serious topic ... we felt horrible laughing a little because well, it looks as though those Priests need a wife ... and not just for their sermons! Something's just not quite right when we have "nationwide support groups" for such a stronghold!
JOE ... YOUR WIFE ROCKS and ... the girl can get a bargain deal ... even in a foreign country, like the best of em! I think what everyone must love about Julie is, she's as real as they get. That is SO refreshing! Love you guys!