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Praise & Prayer

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I felt compelled to take a few moments and update everyone on some answered prayer request and to share some new ones. I realize I’m being pretty transparent here but I have a lot people asking me about so many things in my life and this is a great way to share what's going on.

First of all, thank you for praying for my family and me over the past few years. Our journey has been bumpy at times yet amazing. Over the past year in particular we have asked anyone who would to pray for our house and business in Missouri to sell. Well, the difficulties in the housing market have led us to an option I refused to consider in the beginning – we are now landlords. As tough as this was for us to take, we actually call this a huge praise item. We are thankful to have a good family of seven living in our home and they are even considering buying it in the next year or so. Either way, we are thankful.

Not only are we landlords but we are also tenants. We are thankful for the home we are able to rent and that the family was willing to allow us to sign a contract through July.

As for my Inflatable Game Rental Business in Missouri – well, I have a potential buyer. It’s a pastor in a neighboring community so the business would stay local which was one of my big desires. We are simply going through the steps of selling and hope to have all the paperwork completed and signed soon. Pray with us that this goes smoothly and that Airblast is a blessing to its new owner.

There are literally a thousand other things I am thankful for right now. I love what I am getting to be a part of with the Go10Walk Campaign. Yes, this is one of the toughest thing I have ever attempted. But I’m continually blown away by the fact that God is allowing me to do this. And, let me be clear on this – Go10 was not my idea – dozens of people have had their hands on this project and I think all of us would agree that any success we achieve is nothing more than a huge “God thing!”

This is my last week at home before hitting the road for four months. I will be making several trips home to be at some of the girl’s school events during this time. I’m so excited about what I am getting to be a part of – seeing lives changed – people challenged – people stepping out in faith – history being made – meeting new people- and the list goes on. And, yes I’m already missing my family. I’ve never been away from them like this before and its difficult for me to even think about. I have a lot of things to get into order before hitting the road and I want to make the most of this last week with my family.

Now, I keep getting asked the big question about my future; what are you going to do after Go10? To be honest, I simply don’t know. Yes, this is a struggle if I sit around and think about it much. So, I’m trying to focus on what God has before me now and trust Him for my future four months from now.

People have also asked; will you pastor again? My answer is this; if that’s what God wants me to do. If I’ve learned anything after 20 years of full-time ministry its this; I want to be right in the middle of God’s will for my life. I want to be used for Him! Life is to short to miss out on following Christ and impacting others for Him. I simply want to have an open heart and be willing to do what He wants me to do – all for His Glory!


Laura said...

Daily amazed by your faith and willingness to be used - Will be praying

Hannah and Hunter's mom said...

I work with Julie and get to hear about the walk through her, and I read your blog. I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and your family as you head into these next four months. I know you will continue to see God do awesome things.