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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today while working on the Go10walk we came across a sign in the front of a guys yard that simply read “prayer” with an arrow pointing toward the backyard. I was riding in Jim’s car and we both wondered what was up with the sign. Why was it there? Why would someone put a prayer sign in their yard?

Within a few moments we had our answer because the person (John) who made the sign came out to see why a couple of guys in bright yellow shirts were parked on the highway in front of his house. Basically, this guy felt that God wanted him to set a place in his yard for people to come and pray. So, he put a canopy in his backyard and a sign out front. And, he said people stop by all the time asking what the sign means and many end up coming to the backyard to pray.

I took him up on it.

He also had a friend with him that he had met on a missions trip so they were very interested in our Go10 project. We prayed together and I was blessed incredibly!

I was impressed with many things but mostly with John’s willingness to obey God’s call to open his yard up for people to pray. Following Christ may not always make since and may even seem a bit out of the ordinary. May God give me the boldness to follow and answer His call just like John.