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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I sat down to pay bills and figure out the funds that need to go into our “envelope system (see Dave Ramsey) this morning. And, I found an extra envelope tucked in our usual batch. This new envelope is the one in the picture. It simply reads, “Klaire.”

That’s right, now we have envelopes that read; Grocery, Eat Out, Fuel, Miscellaneous, and KLAIRE. That girl is smart!

Klaire is our youngest daughter (5 years old) and just started Kindergarten. She loves school and learning. I’ve included a few pictures from her first day at school as well. One of the pictures features her teacher Mrs. Tant.

I would have posted pictures of Kassidy’s first day of 8th grade but she nearly killed me when I pulled out my iPhone to take the shot. And, I would post pictures of Karlee's first day of college but it still makes me cry to just think about it.

Julie and I are truly blessed to have three amazing daughters.