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The Most Important Thing

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One of the greatest lessons in life that I am still learning is that the most important thing I can do every day is…spend time with Jesus.

This is neither a luxury nor an option rather it is the most important thing we can do as believers. It is a necessity. Everything good in my life is outflow from my relationship with Jesus. Spending time developing my relationship with Him makes me a better husband, father, friend, son, brother, neighbor, minister, and person.

It seems so simple yet experience reminds me it is not easy. My biggest hindrance is myself.
·      My busy schedule makes it easy for me to make excuses.
·      My wondering mind often makes it hard to focus.
·      Sometimes guilt even makes me feel like I need to do a better job at my to-do-list rather than spend time alone with God. Time alone with God doesn’t seem very productive to many church members.

And yet, this must be our focus. We must make this a priority.  It is the most important thing.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37