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E-Team France Closing Ceremony Video

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our experience in leading E-Team France was truly unforgettable. We had an amazing team of 9 teens from around the world and visited some incredible missionaries, churches, and sites. The believers in France are amazing. And, the need to share the gospel is huge. Less than 1% of France are believers. Less than 1%! I hope you will let that sink in. Its a sobering statistic.

In spite of this, there are some amazing things happening in the evangelical community of France. This video is such a short summation of our time in this incredible mission field. May God challenge you to support the work around the world by praying, giving, and going!

For more information on our missionaries in France or other parts of the world and how you can get involved please visit; Free Will Baptist International Missions

For more information about E-Team please visit; E-Team


Stephanie McVay said...

Excellent video, Joe! Loved it!

Pr. Kenneth Eagleton said...

Great video!