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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last year our daughter Kassidy attended Sunset Middle School in Brentwood, TN. A young man named Jared also attended Sunset. We often saw him at the basketball games in his wheel chair. The coaches would wheel Jared across the court and place him close to the bench. You could tell that he loved sports and being with his friends. I was impressed with how the coaches and the other students included him. For you see, Jared has severe cerebral palsy.

I remember thinking, "this kid is an inspiration!" 

Then, a few days ago, I caught a post on facebook by Kassidy's former basketball coach at Sunset, Mario Moore. He posted a video of Jared's latest sports accomplishment. Wow. If this video doesn't touch your heart I'm not sure you have one.


Kevin D. Williford said...


That is a touching a video, but honestly I think I was more touched by the other young man who was such a good sport and showed such class. Kudos to them both!