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It's Time!

Friday, April 12, 2013

This post is for those who, like myself, are associated with the Free Will Baptist Denomination.

April is known as World Missions Month for our denomination. It is the one time of the year that our International Missions Department has designated for a special emphasis on global missions. It is an opportunity to educate our people of the amazing things God is doing around the globe through our FWB works and to remind them of God’s mandate to reach the nations for Christ. And, yes – it is an opportunity to give a special offering to help continue our efforts around the world.

I have been privileged to work in our International Missions office. They are some of the hardest working, talented, and passionate people I have served with. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to visit some of our FWB missionaries in five different countries. They are amazing people following God’s call to impact lives for Him.

As I have traveled the United States ministering and visiting many of our FWB churches. I have learned that our denomination is as diverse as they come. And, it should be. There is nothing wrong with diversity. Matter of fact, I believe we should celebrate our differences! God never intended for us to all be just alike.

And yet, I believe we would all agree that the one thing we must agree upon is the Bible. We must continue to stand on God’s Word. Our methods may vary greatly from Virginia to California but our foundation, as a denomination must remain steadfast and strong on the Holy Scriptures.

This is why I love World Missions Month. It gives our denomination an opportunity to come together and support the biblical mandate to reach the peoples of the world. It gives us a time to educate our people of Gods call and to celebrate all He is doing through those who are serving FWB around the world. And, it allows each of us to reach a little deeper in our pockets to support the work God has called us to.

Please understand, FWB International Missions needs our monthly support. I encourage you and your church to give monthly from your budget.

But, the World Missions Month is an opportunity for us to go above and beyond in our giving. It gives children a chance to fill up a coin bank and give it towards God’s work. It allows our families to partner with those we know serving on the field. It opens the door for those who are new in our churches to see our dedication to God’s mandate and get involved.

One of the greatest privileges we have on this side of heaven is to give of our finances – big or small – to help impact lives for Christ.

I realize I may be the odd man out on this – but I believe FWB can do so much more. I believe our denomination, when unified on God’s mandate, can come together and make a huge difference in this world. 

What would happen if every FWB church celebrated World Missions Month? What could be accomplished if we stood together to support those God has called and we as a denomination have commissioned and sent?  I believe ITS TIME we find out.

Please visit the World Missions website to see if your church is listed. If it is not, please talk to your pastor, deacons, WNAC leader, or mission’s coordinator about joining together in this incredible opportunity.

And please, for the sake of reaching the Nations for Christ – help spread the word about World Missions Month.