Nashville Flood of 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I arrived in Nashville early in the afternoon, went home and immediately changed clothes and headed to our church (The Donelson Fellowship). At the church I was amazed at the damage to the facility - it’s estimated that around $200,000 worth of damage was done to the basement level of the church after flood waters poured into the lower level on Sunday.

But, I didn’t just see damage - I witnessed one of the most powerful things on the planet - the church truly being the hands and feet of Christ! The Worship area was set up to serve meals to volunteers and flood victims. Some 20 families from the church were directly effected by the flood waters. The chapel was set up as a make shift store full of volunteers, clothes, food, bottled water, and household items - all free to those in need.

I left my wife Julie and our 4 year old Klaire at the church to help while Kassidy and I made our way down to the Pennington Bend area. Our first stop was on Miami Avenue, a street in which several of our friends live and a street that was 4 to 5 feet under water during the flood. Miami Avenue actually runs parallel to what is now referred to as “the Mighty Cumberland River.” One picture shows the items I helped pull out of a home. The second is a picture of a water soaked book - I just happened to know the author of that book so it caught my attention.

For me to try to describe the devastation would be like trying to describe the Grand Canyon - it’s just not the same unless you are actually standing there. I was astonished, deeply saddened, and wonderfully encouraged. In the midst of all the destruction, I saw hope in people’s eyes and I witnessed the body of Christ coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I’ve never been prouder to call a city my home as I have this past week. The body of Christ is making a difference - people and churches are actually being the hands and feet of Christ. By the Grace and Mercy of God, incredible things are springing forth out of the destruction.