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We sold our house!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This past weekend brought a momentous occasion for our family. On Friday, our home in Missouri finally sold. If you are one of the many people who prayed for this to happen - THANK YOU! We had basically tried to sell it for the past two years with little or no interest. About a year and a half ago we were blessed to find a wonderful family to rent our home. This was a huge help although the rent paid still didn’t cover all of our house payment and expenses.

This was the fifth home Julie and I have sold and it was the first one in 20 years that we had to pay money to sell. I have to admit part of this was my fault (stupid tax as Dave Ramsey would call it) and part of it we can chalk up to the terrible economy.

As I reflect on this experience I wanted to point out a few things I have learned.

*The power of persistent prayer is huge.
*When buying a home, stick with a 15 year mortgage.
*Never, never, never get a 2nd mortgage.
*Don’t take your home for granted.
*Unfortunately, our situation is not unique - matter of fact our story has ended so much better than a lot of people we are hearing about.
*A well built, beautiful structure is great but it doesn’t make a home.

Home ownership is a wonderful blessing and we take so much for granted here in the USA when it comes to our material things. I recently read one statistic that stated five to six hundred thousand people in America are homeless at any given time.

So, when it comes to buying or owning a home - be smart - be cautious - be humble - be thankful.