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100 Friends for Orphans Campaign – Update – Day 5.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunday I was thinking and praying over our upcoming mission trip to Africa. The needs that we will encounter will be hard for us to absorb. I know we have to pray up for what is ahead. I was also taking the financial need to the Lord. We cannot begin our work in Kenya and Uganda unless we first raise the needed funds to get there and purchase supplies.

As I scanned over my Facebook account I realized I had crossed over the 2,500 friend mark. Yes, I realize all 2,500 people are not my close friends. And yet, in some way we are connected and now, through the world of technology, we get a glimpse into each other’s lives every day.

My goal was to raise around $2,000 for my portion of the trip. With 2,511 friends on Facebook and with only 103 days left before our departure, I figured I only needed 100 friends to give $20 each to help me reach my goal.  That’s only 4% of those that know me, in some way via social media, giving to my cause. So, I only needed to find one friend a day, for the next 100 days, who was willing to believe in my cause enough to support me with a $20 gift.

And, here I sit, on day number five – and my goal has been REACHED! And as far as I can tell, it was achieved, not by 100 or more friends but by only 26.

I was moved to tears and extremely humbled that people would be willing to support my hearts desire to impact the lives of these little ones on the other side of the planet. Each and every gift is an incredible blessing.

I realize not everyone can give. I can’t always give to every cause that comes across my Facebook page either. But some of you did. And to you I say a sincere “thank you!”

If you wanted to give but didn’t get a chance before my goal was met, then I would ask you to consider supporting my wife, Julie, as she seeks to meet her goal as well. Here's the link to her page.

And, if you were not able to give at this time, I would love to invite you to please join us in praying for the following:

·      Pray for our team.
·      Pray for additional team members.
·      Pray for all of our members to be able to raise the funds needed to make this impact trip a reality.
·      Pray for our impact among the many orphans we will meet along this journey.