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Perspective -what we take for granted

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A friend of mine posted this video today on facebook and I simply had to share it as well.

My first thought was how we take so much for granted here in America. I probably have 20 bibles in my office, some old, some new, different versions, gifts from special family members and another 5 or 6 copies at home. I also have open access to read the bible online and have the YouVersion bible app on my iphone. And, like many Americans, I often take it all for granted.

May God help us stop and realize how blessed we are in our amazing country to have such freedom of worship and open access to scripture. And may He help us capture some of the passion our brothers and sisters in Christ have around the world.


Judy Robinson said...

Made me cry with joy. There is a older lady that takes suitcases of Bibles and sometimes she gets them back and praises God that some officals have takem some but the joy of seeing these people receive their own Bible, the word of God was such a joy to witness!Thanks for posting this joey.