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Kenya, Monday - July 1st

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday – July 1st
We started our day at 4:30 in preparation for our 8:00am flight out of Nairobi to London. We caught an airport shuttle and headed to our terminal at 5:30am. Upon our arrival we learned our flight had been cancelled the night before. For some reason, British Airway did not communicate this news to those who booked tickets on this flight. So, we stood in line for two hours – long hours – to see about the possibility of scheduling another flight to Kenya.

The attendant was very helpful and apologetic of our situation. And, we were able to find a flight for all six of our team members with Delta. This new flight left at 5:00 pm and took us through Zurich, Switzerland.

Almost twelve hours after leaving for JFK airport we were sitting on a plane bound for Zurich. Our journey to Africa was underway! We were tired but so thankful to have this opportunity.

Our layover in Zurich was only a couple of hours - just enough time for me to enjoy a cup of European coffee and pain au chocolate. Amazing!

After the short reprieve – we boarded our flight to Nairobi, Kenya. My hope was to stay awake on this flight to help in getting my body adjusted to the seven-hour time change from the US. Yeah – right! When I woke up the plane was in the air – I didn’t even remember it taking off! I did manage to stay awake the rest of the eight hour flight.

We landed around 6:00pm in Kenya as God was painting the sky with an amazing African sunset. This was my third time in Africa but my first visit to Kenya. We made our way to the Visa purchase counter, picked up our luggage, and then passed through customs without a hitch.

While waiting for our luggage I looked for someone to help us secure a van for the trip to the Flora Hostel – our home for the evening. A very nice customer relation’s lady graciously helped me out with all the details and we were on our way to the Hostel. It was now about 8:00 pm. And, even at this hour the traffic in Nairobi was as bad as any rush hour I had experienced.

The accommodations at the Hostel were simple yet adequate. We each had a restroom and shower in our room and mosquito nets over our beds. The hostel provided free wifi in the courtyard so we all spent about an hour outside touching base with family.

We were in bed by 10:00 – tired but thankful to be in Kenya and anxious to love on children!