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Tuesday, July 2nd Kenya

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We started our day early with breakfast at 7:00am. It was cereal, fried eggs, and bread. After breakfast we met for devotions and prayer – without Gods call we wouldn’t have considered coming – without Gods provision we wouldn’t be here and without His help we wouldn’t make it in the days to come.

While at breakfast we met a man from Minnesota named Mark. He was very helpful with information about the country and even told us about a great coffee shop just around the corner from the Hostel. So, with a little time to spare we took a walk for some great African coffee at the Savanna. And, we weren’t disappointed! 

Our driver for our time in Kenya, Matthew, met us at the Floral at 9:00am. And, our guide for the majority of our time in Kenya, Paul, also joined us. He serves as in Kenya with Chariots of Hope and has an incredible passion for helping orphans and children. So, with our luggage loaded and our guide leading us, we started our four-hour drive to Kitui. This road trip included the expected rough roads, crazy traffic, and spectacular views – its not often you see a giraffe roaming freely while driving down the road!

Unfortunately, a couple of our team members suffer from carsickness. Needless to say the roads and driving style of this country was torturous for one if them– puke bag required!

I’m so impressed with this team and their passion to serve here in this country. They are fighting through fears, carsickness, homesickness, and much more to have the opportunity to love on and serve these precious children here in Africa.

And our first opportunity to serve came when we pulled onto the campus of the Kitui Baby Home sponsored by Chariots of Hope.  As soon as our van pulled up to the gate of the home – the children started singing and waving. My heart jumped at their excitement to see us.

As we stepped out of the van the children immediately came to us – arms stretched out – eager for someone to hold them. We spent the next couple of hours doing just that. This is a baby home so 40+ children ranged from birth to six years old. As we held the children we also met the nursemaids and did our best to encourage them. Their daily job is so incredibly difficult, sometimes lasting more than 15 hours. They do the best they can but honestly they are out numbered in most cases. So, our presence and help brings relief to these amazing caregivers. And the children soaked it up.

After spending time with the babies we were invited into the directors office. She talked with us for some time and offered us Kenyan tea and cookies. She was an amazing woman that has been with the home for 17 years.

We journeyed back to the guest home for supper, showers, and much needed rest.