More than a Great Tool!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I want to introduce you to a fantastic tool that I have been using now for several months. It's called It's an incredible new way to read the bible online and....much more! This online bible powerhouse was created by to help encourage people to grow in God's Word and with each other. I LOVE the simplicity of it - the different versions - the iphone app - the journal tab- add a video - and I'm just getting started. This thing is packed with life changing options. It's the bible and community on steriods! It's the PX90 of bibles!

Let's face it - the Bible is the number one all time best selling book in the history of the world. Reading this book is life changing - it's paramount for true discipleship. Yet, many people who claim to be followers of Christ never open it's pages. I believe is helping to change that with

So, give it a try - set up an account - it's free - let me know you have joined so that I can add you to my "follower" list.

Oh yeah - thank you for your example, love for Christ, creativity, and impact on my life!