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Sunday Thoughts

Monday, February 9, 2009

• My faith is being stretched right now. It’s hard to explain but God has me in a place of waiting on Him. I’m not good with waiting – very impatient – but working on it.
• Heavy work schedule this week with teaching 24 hours at the local Elementary school. I’m loving the time with these students – they are bright and eager to learn – truly makes me miss kids ministry.
• Had an awesome weekend – Friday night we went out for Pizza with our girls. I love our time together as a family.
• Kassidy’s Upward team played Saturday morning. I also took Klaire to the game because she forgot to sleep in! She sat on the bench and helped us coach the team – and she loved it. Not sure that she will be much on sports though – she spent most of the game brushing her hair with her pink hairbrush! Kassidy continues to develop in her skill level and understanding of the sport. I love to watch her play.
• Saturday night I took Julie out on a date to Gary’s Place – it’s an Italian restaurant in town – and has great food. I’m extremely blessed to be married to my best friend. My wife is amazing.
• We mailed off support letters this week for Karlee. She has been selected to a summer mission’s team and needs to raise some funds. I’m blown away by how much she has grown in Christ over the past year and can’t wait to see what God does in her life this summer.
• This Sunday I started a new sermon series called “Prayer.” I’m going to take this series through six weeks – one of those weeks I will deal with fasting and challenge our church family to join me on a 40 day fast that will lead us up to Easter.
• The message yesterday was very simple and practical – and yet God used it to challenge me to spend more time listening in prayer. He gave me a freedom yesterday as I spoke – it’s hard to explain – but there is nothing like the Holy Spirit guiding you through a message like that – I’m blown away that God allows me to do this. I’m looking forward to the next several weeks and praying that God will break through hardness in hearts and allow us to see Him change more lives in our midst.
• Our attendance was down a bit in the second service – not sure why? The worship was spot on – loved the first song and Mitchell’s solo just before I preached. We continue to pray for God to send us more musicians for the band – especially a drummer.