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Sunday Thoughts

Monday, February 16, 2009

*Taught four straight days at Boswell this week. Love teaching these 4th & 5th graders! They are eager to learn like fresh clay to the artist’s hands – I’m thankful for the opportunity to impact their lives.
*The extra work load is extremely hard – this will only last another couple of weeks – then I will begin to finish up some of the classes which will give me more time for ministry work. Trying to squeeze everything in is burning me out – but necessary right now to impact lives and make ends meat.
*I am so thankful for what God is doing in my oldest daughter. She is growing stronger in her faith each week – not a popular thing in this town at her age. Praying for her impact in a very dark school.
*Kassidy’s Upward team is really coming together. The competition has been light but they are still learning so much. Kassidy is really catching on to the game – she has some raw talent and a ton of determination. Now’s the time to develop it.
*Klaire is talking more and more. She still has her three-year-old moments or meltdowns. Even so, the girl is such a blessing and miracle to have in our home and hearts.
*Had an amazing date day with Julie on Valentines Day. Took her to Ocean’s Zen – an Asian Bistro in Springfield. It’s one of our favorite date spots because the food is simply off the wall. I’m so blessed to be married to this incredible woman. I melt when I look into her eyes.
*Our church is in a weird season right now – somewhere between the Transitional Season and the Malaise Season. I don’t like it. We can’t stay here long. I can’t figure this out right now. Maybe I’m not supposed to. So, I’m praying for God to give discernment and guidance – to help us focus completely on Him.
*Our current sermon series on Prayer is rocking my world all over again. Hoping God uses it to challenge our church to truly become a body of prayer warriors for Christ!
*This coming Sunday I will be speaking on Fasting – then challenging our church to enter into a 40 day fast beginning on Tuesday, March 3rd. Can’t wait to see what God does in our hearts during that time.