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Departure Day

Sunday, April 4, 2010

After 10 months of planning, praying, dreaming, and scheming – I hopped in a 36 ft RV and started on my way to South Georgia. Just before leaving, Julie and the girls helped me load a few last minute items. Julie had me pose for a picture with the girls in front of the RV – we hugged, kissed, said our goodbyes and I started to drive out of our neighborhood. As I looked back, I noticed my girls standing on the steps waving goodbye – it was at this moment a flood of emotions came over me and I wept uncontrollably.

I had known this time was coming but no amount of prayer or planning gets you ready to leave your family for four months. That with the overwhelming feelings of the historical journey ahead of us flooded my emotions and I melted into a heap right there in the front seat of that big RV.

I have to say that my wife and three daughters are so amazing. They have been so supportive and helpful during the planning stages of this campaign. I’m extremely blessed!

I met up with Bill Ezell, one of our retired volunteers, at Best Buy. Bill was driving the Dodge Magnum, the car we commonly refer to as the “Go10 Magnum,” because of the customized wrap on the outside. I can’t believe how well the wrap turned out! The car, the specialty wheels, and most of the wrap were all donated. One of my friends back in Lebanon, Missouri designed & installed the wrap – contact Results Advertising for more information.

Back to Bill Ezell. He is one of the amazing volunteers who have spent countless hours planning and designing the Go10 route. He also left a loving, and crying, wife & family behind for the next four months. Jim Daniels, another retiree, will join us on Wednesday. I’m amazed at their willingness to put their lives on hold for this campaign. And then again, I’m not surprised – over the past ten months I have seen a glimpse into these men’s hearts - their love for Jesus, and their desire to impact lives for Christ. It’s a rare honor to know and work with men like Bill and Jim – I’m blessed.

After 9 hours on the road – we made it to a campground in Statesboro and set up shop. We will drive to Glennville FWB Church in the morning for Easter Service and then the walk-in reception at Ebenezer FWB Church. The walk begins on Monday in Glennville and heads up through Statesboro on our way to Columbia, SC. It’s going to be an amazing journey and I’m blown away that God is allowing me to be a small part of it. If your reading this, I hope you will join me. All for HIM!


julie w said...

We miss you! We are praying that God is going to bless this whole campaign more than we could ever ask or imagine! I love you!
Ephesians 3:20!