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Update from Glennville!

Friday, April 2, 2010

We are now only a couple of days away from the start of the Go10Walk for the World! We now have over 50 people registered online for this historic opening day and over 460 for the total walk that will lead us across 13 states, 2,500 miles, and take almost 4 months to complete. I'm praying for over 2,000 people to participate and that we will be able to raise over $500,000 for missions. Excitement is building! I received the following email from Charles Barnard, our Event Coordinator, this morning.

Not only has the number of walkers for day one increased, but the buzz around Glennville is that we can expect a significant number of local folks to show up for the rally. I have attempted to tell everyone who wants to walk, even if it is only to the city limits, that they need to register on-line. However, I think we can expect a large number of sympathy walkers for the first mile or two.

Our Mayor and other officials will be on hand to extend a welcome. Hopefully, we will have good media coverage.

Local police and sheriff deputies will assist in traffic control and provide escort. Nevertheless, I think the first few miles will be at a snail's pace. A busy highway, a large crowd, perhaps more automobiles than necessary will all contribute to this. On the other hand, think of the energy and enthusiasm! Wow! It will be a day to remember!

I had thought we would hold the rally our of doors, but with so large a crowd, holding the rally in the sanctuary might be best. Many older folks will be in attendance. They will not be able to stand out in the 80+ degree for 45-60 minutes.

The changeover spot between leg one and leg two will be in the vacant lot across from J & J Greenhouses on Hwy 250 @ 3 miles inside the Evans County line. There is an unused shed just off the road and a large grassy parking area with several entrances and exits. Few restroom areas are nearby. I'll transport those who need facilities to and from in our church van.

Charles Barnard

If you haven't signed up yet - please go to; and join us!