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Weekend Highlights

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm sitting at the airport in Nashville - my flight has been delayed by an hour - so I'm using the time to update my blog. I flew home from Greenville this past Thursday and will be flying back to Norfolk, VA tonight to meet up with the Go10Walk team. Here are some of my highlights from the weekend.

*Seeing my amazing wife and daughters on Thursday night!!! I love to travel and I'm blown away by all God is doing through Go10 and the fact that I get to be a part of it - but I sure miss my family and wished they could be with me on the road.

*Sleeping in my own bed.

*Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Julie and Karlee.

*Seeing God open doors for my possible future.

*Spending time with my wife on Friday - she took the day off so we could be together. Even after 20 years of marriage she is my best friend and I love just hanging out with her. We've been dating now for 27 years!!!

*Spending an hour at the Apple store for a One-on-One lesson.

*Hanging out with Julie's mom and her brother's family.

*Attending the DCA production of "Singing in the Rain" on Friday night. My oldest daughter was part of the cast and it was wonderful. I'm not the musical type - don't hate me - I just rate them up there with a root canal! I was impressed with the talent and hard work put into this production. The cast was amazing - I'm not sure how they pulled it all off.

*Getting to spend some time at the TN State Youth Competition on Saturday morning and hearing the TDF groups sing! Karlee is singing in two of the groups.

*Hearing the excitement from people at the TN State Youth Competition over Go10Walk!

*Date night on Saturday night with Julie, Craig, and Tara. Good friends/family, food, movie, and a ton of laughs!

*Sharing Go10 at The Donelson Fellowship this morning. It was good to be with my family at church - I'm so thankful for my church and all the encouragement they have given me and my family while I'm on the road.

*The amazing highlights that continue to stream in from Go10Walk.

*Bill Ezel & Jim Daniels - the two retired men that have worked like crazy on this campaign and allowed me this weekend at home!!!

*Seeing the flowers and other gifts sent to my wife and daughters by the IM Office staff. I serve along side an amazing group of people!!!