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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Priceless With Knowledge Comes Many Things Part II

The other day I wrote about my adoption experience, the things I learned, and the decisions that come with knowledge.

Today is part 2 - and it deals with “Sex Trade” in our world.

I grew up in small town USA - Southern Illinois to be more exact. My dad was a coal miner and my mom a nurse. I had an older brother and younger sister. Life was simple and we rarely left the county let alone the state. I graduated from Bible College in Nashville, Tennessee in 1990 and have lived in three other states. I’ve traveled to Panama, Cuba, France, China, Mexico and across most of USA. But, until recently - like the last couple of years - I had never heard of the sex trade industry - or maybe I just refused to hear about it. I lived in a box and I have to be honest - it was easy to live in that box - maybe easier than having the knowledge I now have. But, remember, with knowledge comes many things.

This past year at Catalyst this topic was highlighted. And, it was brought to light as an issue here in our own country. I’m not sure about you, but for me it was easier to think of something so terrible happening in some third world country on the other side of the planet rather than in our own back yard! But that’s not the truth.

Then, a few weeks ago I won a book from Robin Stanley called Priceless. The book is a novel written by Tom Davis the president and CEO of Children’s HopeChest.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this read. I had set a goal of reading one book per month this year and you can’t beat a free book! So I dove in and to my surprise I couldn’t seem to put the book down. I was captured and transported into the lives of those I was reading about.

Being a father of three daughters and an adoptive dad, my heart was crushed as I turned the pages and imagined this unbelievable social injustice that is taking place in the lives of so many innocent little girls. As hard as I tried not to, I couldn’t help but imagine my own little girls facing such despicable and inhuman treatment. As I continued to turn the pages I traveled across a plethora of emotions from anger, deep sadness, hope, fear, excitement, and shame.

Even though this is a fictional account the author estimates at least 80% of the book is based on truth in his research. It’s hard for me to imagine and even harder for me to accept.

I’m thankful for Tom’s gift of writing and his heart for orphans. I encourage you to read his book and consider how you can get involved in helping make a difference in the lives of orphans.

Here are some helpful links.

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Thanks for passing along this message and call to action with your gifts and passion, Joe!