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Snowman Building Competition 2011 - you could win $20!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In celebration of Global Warming (yes, sarcasm) and record snow fall across the USA I would like to throw out a little snow challenge.

Here it is; create and post a photo of your best snowman - be creative -make it a family, office, school, church, organization, or youth group event. Create your snowman and post your picture by Saturday, February 12th.

On Monday everyone will have an opportunity to vote on their favorite. And, the winner will receive a $20.00 Visa check card to use as they wish!!! So here's your chance to make the most of the snow and win $20. Fill free to pass this on - the competition is open to anyone around the globe. If you don't have snow - well then it's your chance to really get creative! Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th.

Pictures of your snowman can be posted on my Facebook "Snowman Competition" event page.