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God's Christmas Gift To You

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I love giving gifts.  I love to see the joy and excitement on others faces - especially my kids.  It truly is a joy to give to others.

It's also a joy to receive gifts.  I can't lie - I love getting stuff - I love to be surprised - I love new technology and gadgets.  I think everyone pretty much loves to be on the receiving end of things as well.

That's why Christmas is so amazing - so cool - so flat out awesome!  It's the time of year that I remember hearing for the first time - about the greatest gift ever given.  I was just a kid, about 8 years old visiting a church with friends.  I had never heard about Jesus or the wise men or the gifts given to this baby.  And, I had never heard about the gift this baby was to me.

Now I know.  Now I get to tell others.  How cool is Christmas!  Thank you Jesus!!!  

"Gods Christmas gift to you is the most expensive gift youll ever receive. Its priceless. Jesus paid for it with his life. Its also the only gift youll ever receive that will last forever. And, its an extremely practical gift  one youll use every day for the rest of your life." - Rick Warren