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I love coffee

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I really do love coffee.  Especially on cold mornings during the winter months. 

I enjoy coffee from all different types of places but I when it comes to my favorite – I like it strong – and sweet – with cream when possible.  My favorite place to stop and buy coffee is Starbucks – anything Mocha.  At home, I have learned a few secrets to brewing coffee that I enjoy each morning.

First, I use a Starbucks French press – it was a Christmas gift from last year.  I grind my beans each morning before brewing – storing the beans in an airtight container.  I only let the coffee sit in the press for about 4 minutes – this keeps it from becoming bitter– then I pour it in a thermos to keep it hot and fresh.  I use Starbucks Espresso Roast beans.  I typically use some type of creamer to sweeten my coffee like French Vanilla or some type of Mocha Creamer.  Again, I can drink coffee just about anywhere – I’m just this picky when making it for myself.

I also use a Krups Espresso machine to make Julie and Karlee a Carmel Macchiato in the mornings.  We picked up the Krups machine at a local Kitchen discount store for around $20 on sale – and love it!  I buy the Carmel Syrup from Starbucks and basically use their recipe – even a little cream on top!  I love to spoil my wife and daughters – they deserve it for putting up with me.

Coffee is one of those things little things I enjoy in life.  I would love to hear your secrets to a great cup and I would love to share some with you sometime.