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Catalyst is coming!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gearing Up For Catalyst

Last year I attended my first Catalyst Conference in Atlanta Georgia with my friend and former youth pastor Jeff Myers.  It was an amazing trip and conference.  God stretched me, spoke to me, grew in me, and just flat out blew my mind.  I loved the connections that I made with other leaders.  I needed the challenging messages from the speakers.  I longed for the worship more than I knew.  It was amazing.

As for God speaking to me – it wasn’t in an audible voice but nevertheless – it was my Lord – clearly dealing with me and speaking to me.  The difficult part for Joe was that I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear.  I went believing God was going to clearly tell me one thing – and it didn’t happen like I wanted.  I’m still learning that God doesn’t always do things like we want Him too.  And, we are usually much better off as a result!

So, this year – I’m taking some more friends and I’m trying to go without an agenda of my own.  I simply want God to fill me up – to challenge me – to rock my world.

You can learn more about Catalyst Conference at the following link;