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Daniel Fast - Day 6!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our church staff and some of our ministry leadership recently entered into a 21 day Daniel Fast.  This also included many of our spouses and children. 

Let me explain why.  Several months ago the staff and wives and began to meet each week to worship and pray about our ministry and church.  We each took one day a week to fast and pray for God to move in big ways.    This has become a very special time for us and we have seen God answer prayer and pull us closer to Him and each other.

While at Saddleback Church this past May I heard of a pastor by the name of Jentzen Franklin.  Jentzen had written a book called “Fasting,” in which he explains the biblical discipline of fasting and the results of this practice in his own life and the life of his church.  I didn’t purchase the book at the time but wanted to.  Then a couple of months ago, Lynn Smith (the wife of our children’s pastor) told us about a great book she was reading on “fasting.”  It was Jentzen’s book.  So, I bought a copy and read it in just a few days.

Several weeks ago I was reading some of my favorite pastor’s blog’s and read how Steven Furtick was leading his church staff and volunteers through a 21 Day Daniel Fast.  They were kind enough to share the material they developed with other churches online.  It’s well done – you can see it here;

So, this past Sunday (September 21st) evening at 7:00 pm we kicked it off. 

Here’s what we encouraged people to do.  Fast for 21 days in one of three ways; 1.) Partial Fast – pick something(s) that you really love (food) and give it up for the length of the fast.  2.) Total Fast – no food, only water, juice, and chicken broth for the length of the fast.  3.) Daniel Fast – only natural foods (according to the book of Daniel) such as fruits, vegetables, oats, etc.  No meat, milk products, or caffeinated drinks.

It’s been an amazing first week.  And yes, I miss coffee, meat, and chocolate like crazy!  But, that has also caused me to ask myself if I long for more of God as much as I long for certain foods?  One thing for sure – my focus and my prayer life have changed dramatically!