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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Monday, September 15, 2008

  • Week one of the Daniel Fast is under our belt – we are praying for God to tear down walls in our church – to touch hearts – for lives to be changed – for people to become fully committed followers of Christ.  It has already been an amazing journey and the reports from those who are participating are inspiring.

  • Our Wednesday Evening programs continue to grow and gain momentum.  We had over 50 kids this week!  I can’t wait to break 100!  God is working in our kids and teens and I am loving it!  I am also blown away by all the adults who continue to serve and impact the lives of our kids.

  • Friday night we took the Kassidy and Klaire to the High School football game to watch Karlee (our oldest daughter) march in the band.  Of course I love watching the football game as well – but watching our daughter perform in the band is the highlight of the evening.  The band is fantastic and they work extremely hard each week.  I’m thankful for such a great program.

  • Saturday morning we had a workday at church.  The place needed a good cleaning really bad - plus we needed to haul out a dumpster load of trash from the basement which is in the process of becoming a children’s center.  I’m incredibly thankful for the thirteen people who came out to scrub and shine things up.  Many hands make light work!  Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  • Sunday services went well although our attendance was down.  I attribute it to the rough weather overnight.  Ike hit us hard dumping over 4 inches of rain and causing a lot of flooding.  I know that I missed out on a couple ours of sleep because of the storm.  And yet for those who made it out – the worship and time together was worth it.  I’m so thankful for our staff and volunteers who help present the Gospel each Sunday! 

  • We kicked off a new series Sunday called “Hold Your Tongue.”  This week we dealt specifically with “Complaining.”  I’m humbled at the number of hands that went up admitting that they do complain.  Mine as well.  That is the first step to allowing God to change our hearts.  Oh what a powerful thing the tongue is! 

  • Small Groups began this week and the preliminary numbers are great.  We had 15 adults at our home last night and 11 teen/kids.  I have to say it was one of the best small group meetings we have ever had.  We did what was called a “sermon based” small group.  This meant we basically looked at scripture from Sunday morning’s sermon and discussed how to apply it to our lives.  I believe in home groups more than ever and can’t wait for our next one!