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Sunday Evening Thoughts

Monday, September 8, 2008

As I sit back and reflect on Sunday there are a ton of thoughts going through my head. Some good – some bad. Here goes;

• My started at 5:00 am as usual – I had minimal things to do before heading to the church. I have to learn to give more ministries away and find people to train in these areas. This will allow me to have more time to focus on the message and pray for the services.
• I’m thankful for less stress today, especially before the services. Having the staff and volunteers that God has blessed us with is wonderful and a huge blessing.
• Our services went well. The message was well received even though I knew it was a hard message to give. I am frustrated that our attendance has been what it was at the first of the month. Somehow preaching on the bible may not be as popular as preaching on angels and demons.
• We had 69 in the first service and 98 in the second service. I’m praying for God to bust the door wide open on both of these – for the crowds to exceed 100 in each service.
• Once again the worship in both services was spot on. I’m praying that our people will catch on to true worship – and worship as God would have desire us to worship – in spirit and in truth. I’m praying for our worship to come alive!
• Once again we had new faces! Churches grow when the attenders reach out and begin to invite and bring their friends – I’m praying for more and more and more!!!
• I’m thankful for the people that told me the message hit them and that they needed it. I know it’s not about me – but I do love to know that what I’m doing is making an impact.
• The message from yesterday may be one of the most important one that I have shared. If our people will just fall in love with the Scriptures – this community will change for the better! Far too many Christians rely on the church/pastor to spoon feed them every week rather than spending the time really studying and applying God’s word.
• Big thought from the message – APPLICATION. Study of Scripture without Application is death!
• Still praying for people to move during the invitations – for people to give their life to Christ – I’m addicted to changed lives!
• I’m longing for the day when Christians will stop sitting in the back of the church – and move to the front – simply wanting more from God – to worship more – to desire to learn more.
• I’m extremely pumped about starting our new small groups. We are literally going from 2 small groups to 11! It’s biblical – we have to do it. I’m thrilled at the people who are signing up!
• Had a great lunch at Quizno’s – The Beef Dip is Fabulous and I loved eating with a large group of friends from church.
• I got to mow the lawn yesterday – listened to another great message by Francis Chan I wanted the lawn to look good before the reception at our home. Time on the mower is therapeutic for me!
• Klaire went home with Jon & Becky after lunch. It’s good to have friends – and even better to have friends that your kids love!
• I loved how my wife and daughters jumped in and prepared for the reception. I’m way blessed with the most incredible wife and daughters.
• The reception was more than we could have imagined! We had nine new people to First Church come over and the staff families. The house was full. People were connecting. God is moving in people’s lives and our church is having an impact! Thank you Jesus!
• The food at the reception was off the wall! Steve brought some hot wings that more than cleared my nasal passages and Julie made the best chocolate cake I have ever put in my mouth – it almost made me cry! So, I had a second piece!
• I even got to enjoy a little bit of football as the day closed out. Watched a little of the Cowboys and a little of the Bears.
• I’m loving “Twitter” and the connection it has given me to other pastors and believers around the country.
• I’m thankful to God that He loves me and has called me to pastor.


Chloe's adoption said...

Hey Joe,
I like the new blog. Hope everything is going well with you and your family and your church. Next time you are in East TN give us a holler, we would love to see the family. We feel so blessed that God allowed our paths to cross in the process of adoption. Have a blessed day,
Brad Epps