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Blown Away!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have been blown away by the willingness of my friends and family to support the Africa project.  It's amazing to see how God provides and works in situations when we trust Him and follow His call.  

I had an older gentleman really question me going on this trip last night at church. He said his concern was for my 3 children - this trip could be dangerous - and my kids need me. 

Hello!  At what point did God call us to the "easy way?"  Do you think someone pulled the Apostle Paul aside and told him they were concerned that he might get beat up for preaching?  Do you think someone pulled Stephen aside and warned him that his message about Jesus might end up causing him some pain?

The truth is - we are called to impact this world for Christ.  We are called to love others - to feed the hungry - to clothe the naked - to care for the orphan - to take our eyes off of ourselves and follow Christ to the ends of the world.  

How different would this world be if those who profess Christ really lived their lives caring more about loving others rather than their own safety - their own stomachs - their own wallets?  And I include myself in that group.  

God is stretching me in this stuff.  How willing am I to go?  What am I really sacrificing for Him?  What am I doing to reach a lost and dying world?  II Timothy 3 warns us that things are going to be tough - as we follow Jesus.

Don't get me wrong in any of this - my goal is not to live as a daredevil.  My love for Jesus compels me to follow Him - and love others - even those in the hard to reach places.  To those of you who are praying and supporting financially - thank you!  I can't wait to see how God uses this in my life, my family, my ministry, and in the lives I have yet to meet.