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Crying Out

Friday, October 17, 2008

The article below was posted this morning on the Fox News website.  What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you read it?  For me, I wondered what was going on in this boys life.  Why the rage?  My heart breaks for this kid!

Each week I'm amazed at the kids and teens coming to our church in desperate need of a hug, a kind word, a smile, or a word of affirmation.  It's no secret that many of these kids come from broken or unstable families.  My point with this post is that we (the church) have got to wake up!  

It's time we do everything we can to reach the people in our community.  We have the answer - it's Jesus Christ!  It's time that we live the example - reach out in love - give a hug to someone who needs it - feed your neighbor kids who are hungry - give them a ride to church - buy them some groceries.  All around in our communities - people are crying out!  What are you and I going to do about it?

Florida Boy, 12, Arrested After Throwing Sticks at Pregnant Teacher

Thursday , October 16, 2008


A 54-pound sixth-grader is in police custody after he was was handcuffed and arrested at his Central Florida school for throwing sticks at a pregnant teacher and kicking another instructor.

Jason Stewart Lord was charged Thursday with battery on a pregnant woman and battery on a school official, both felonies. Palm Bay Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez says the 12-year-old was taken to a juvenile detention center where he was expected to stay overnight.

Martinez says the boy also punched the pregnant teacher last week but school officials decided to handle the matter internally at the time.


Tony C said...

News like this breaks my heart. Most of my family work in education and tell stories of troubled youths just needing a good role model in their life.

Our young people should be the priority in our society. The least we can do is pray daily for them.

Froggy said...

good post Joe. Many,many children are wanting attention and they will go to any length to get it.

We as the church need to reach out to these kids and their parents. I believe it is our responsibility to show them a better way!