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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've not written any blogs this week.  Instead I have been spending my time trying to get ahead on sermon writing since I will be out of the office 3 days next week for the Catalyst Conference.

Here are some things that I have been reading on blogs, etc.

  • Carlos Whiteaker is one of my favorite bloggers - today at 3:00 pm he started a 3 day fast from technology.  Good for him - bad for the thousands of people who love his blog including me.  I look forward to his return to the super highway!
  • Tony Morgan mentioned a great article on this post.  "Thats-quotable-guy-kawasaki"  This article is a great read for anyone who has to speak in public or prepare a speech.
  • Ed Stetzer did a cool interview with one of my favorite pastors - Perry Noble.  You can read the interview here.
  • While I'm sharing some of the blogs I've been reading this week I would like to share a post from another pastor - Chris Elrod and his blog on what blogs he doesn't read - it's well done and sure made me think about what I read and what I write.  You can read it here.
  • Sometimes I drive people crazy with my drive for excellence in all we do for Christ.  I've even been accused of wanting perfection or being so structured that I wouldn't know it if the Holy Spirit moved.  Steve Furtick has a great post that explains why some of us want to strive for excellence - after reading his post I want it even more!  Good-enough-isn't good enough for me.
  • Perry Noble has a powerful post here - dealing with vision.  I will be speaking on vision the last Sunday of this month - can't wait!
  • I served as a youth pastor for the first ten years of my ministry - one of my favorite youth guys out there is Joshua Griffin at Saddleback Church.  He wrote an extremely helpful post here for other youth guys and us old grown up pastor guys who still like youth ministry stuff.
  • Francis Chan's book "Crazy Love" is rocking my world and kicking my butt - seriously, ever follower of Christ should read this book.  Just beware - God will use Francis and his huge love for Jesus to stretch you!
  • And finally, my favorite blogger on the planet is my wife - Julie.  She's so amazing and she writes about my favorite things - our girls!
The important thing is to always keep reading and learning.  If you ever think you have gotten to the point that you know it all - you are dead wrong.


Froggy said...

Thanks Joe--some great reading! I will check those out.
Here is a site I was just recently sent with some excellent movies:

Some great stuff here.