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Sunday Thoughts

Monday, October 27, 2008


*It was one of the most difficult weeks I’ve experienced in a long time.  Let’s just say the devil was fighting and all Hell broke loose on many fronts.  I’ve learned this is typical just before God moves in a big way.  So, I wasn’t all that surprised with the things we had planned for the weekend and then the fact that I’m leaving for a mission’s trip in one week.  God pulled me through – He always does – it’s just learning to lean on Him that isn’t always easy.

*Saturday night was a blast!  I love seeing the kids all dressed up – we had a lot of new people – and it was great to just hang out with so much of the church family.  At one point (while standing out in a field next to an old barn – waiting to scare the beepers out of people) I looked up and noticed the stars in the sky – I worshiped Jesus right on the spot!

*Sunday morning was a huge day – one big service instead of two.  Our goal was to pull everyone together for a time of Celebration and Vision Casting – which included a plan to hire InJoy Ministries for a Capital Stewardship Program.  The service has to go down as one of the longest I’ve been a part of – almost two hours!  But, it was amazing.  We had a ton of new faces – the “Changed Lives” video was great – the prayer time – and everything else just seemed to flow – there was a new level of excitement in our people.  The response forms gathered at the end of the service were overwhelmingly positive in following the leadership’s recommendation of entering into a campaign with InJoy.  God is going to stretch us even more – I can’t wait to see how He is going to move!

*Our ladies bible study presented Cassie Lane with over $2,000 for her adoption from Ethiopia.  All the money was made on a Fried Pie fundraiser! 

*We had a special guest with us on Sunday morning as well – Donnie McDonald, one of our missionaries to Japan was here – he was able to share and lead us in prayer during the service – it was great to hear about his ministry and to spend time with him.

*We had 14 in our small group last night and we focused on making a difference in our community through loving others.  The group decided to collect as many coats as possible over the next week to two weeks and give them out through a few of the schools.  Let us know if you want to help or if you know someone who needs a coat.

*I’m looking forward to the Africa trip – but dreading leaving my family – the thought of being away from them for over a week and not having the ability to communicate is killing me.  My wife and daughters are so amazing - I'm blessed! 

*I’m not sure how to say this – but I see God doing mighty things in our lives and through First Church – it’s only the beginning – my heartbreaks for those who can’t see it or refuse to see it.  Following Jesus requires giving up our way for His way – I still struggle with that as well.  We must keep our focus on Him – it’s all about changed lives for Jesus!


Tony C said...

Joe, I often find when I've had a terrible week that being around my church family always picks me up.

Being good friends with my pastor, I also see the highs and lows he goes through. I think as a congregation, we sometimes forget the pastor is subject to the same trials and tribulations we all face week in and week out.

God is so good to us. What a blessing to gather in His name not only to lift up our worship to Him, but to lift each other up in prayer, as well.

Dorthy said...

Joe, we did a capital campaign with InJoy at Collin Creek Church in Plano, TX. It went very well. Ken and I can both recommend it.
Dorthy Harris (Jamie Myer's mom)