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We Must Do Something!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This past Sunday we completed part 4 of a series we called "Kaleo" - meaning we are called to follow Christ from 1 Peter 2:21.  The title of the message this week was "Called To Follow."  I simply explained our churches mission, two biblical purposes, and our vision for the future.

This all centers around our goal of "Changed Lives."  God wants to change our life and work in and through us to lead others to Him resulting in more changed lives.  One of the tragedies of the American Church is that we have become inward focused and concerned with our own comfort - even to the point of forgetting the two biblical purposes for the church: The Great Commission and The Great Commandment. Loving God and Loving Others.  

As I began to research our particular area here in the middle of the country- I discovered that we have an estimated 20,000 people living within driving distance to our church that have no relationship with Jesus Christ.  That's huge!  We should be loosing sleep over one person not knowing Christ - let alone 20,000!

As followers of Christ we should be asking some questions: Why aren't we reaching more people?  Why aren't more people coming to Christ in our city? How can we be more effective in reaching people?  How can we love others as Jesus commanded us? 

Ed Stetzer just posted a great video dealing with some relevant research about the unchurched that can help us be more effective in our efforts to change the world for Christ.  His book "Lost and Found" will hit the stores soon and I can't wait to utilize this information.  Check out this blog post and let the numbers sink in.

Then view the video below.  Good stuff.  Thank you Ed for the information and for forcing us to ask the right kind of questions!